Introducing "Green" by Mike Munoz, a mesmerizing digital painting that delves into themes of vulnerability and self-expression. In this evocative piece, a woman kneels away from the center of the composition, adorned solely in a leather harness. Her hands are cuffed together and connected to the ring of the harness at the center of her back. She delicately rests her hands on the heels of vibrant neon green high heels.

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Printed on premium Red River Matt Stock, "Green" is a striking addition to home decor. The contrast between the subtle tones of the leather harness and the vivid neon green accents creates a captivating visual interplay that stimulates thought and emotion.

Every print of "Green" is numbered and signed by Mike Munoz, ensuring its authenticity and exclusivity. As a digital artist based in Tucson, Arizona, Munoz brings a distinctive perspective to his creations, blending technical skill with a profound understanding of human expression and sensuality.

Elevate your living space with "Green," a thought-provoking and visually compelling piece that challenges norms and invites contemplation. This limited edition artwork promises to make a powerful statement, resonating with those who appreciate the intersection of art, sensuality, and individuality.

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