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Women Under the Sun
Website: https://wuts.info/


Women Under the Sun (WUTS) is a predominantly women-based group of national small business owners and leaders. They support each other’s businesses, aspirations, and shared ideas, while celebrating their interests in art, music, dining, culture, travel, community projects, and various organizations.


Design Needs:

  • Logo for multi-uses

Clinet Deign Idea:

  • Women's side profile,
  • Sun
  • Copper

Design Concept:

A women's side profile subtly hidden within the flames of a copper sun, symbolizing strength, unity, and empowerment. The copper color adds warmth and sophistication, while the incorporation of flames and sun signifies passion, energy, and the vibrant community of Women Under the Sun.


This versatile logo can be used across various mediums, including the website, business cards, social media, merchandise, and any promotional materials.

Design Software:

Combining Photoshop for detailed imagery, Illustrator for vector graphics, and Autodesk Sketchbook for conceptual sketches ensures a well-rounded and visually appealing final design.

Visual Elements:


  1. Women's Side Profile: Delicately integrated into the flames, representing the diverse and dynamic group of women.
  2. Copper Sun: Dominating the design, radiating energy and warmth, emphasizing the collective spirit of the community.
  3. Flames: Surrounding the profile, depicting the shared passions and aspirations of the members.

Color Palette: Copper as the primary color, conveying elegance, strength, and a touch of femininity.

Typography: Consider clean and modern fonts for the group name, ensuring legibility and professionalism.

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