Transforming Sister on the Fly's Digital Experience with a Custom Social Media Platform

Client: Sister on the Fly
Website: Sisters on the Fly


Sister on the Fly envisions a custom social media platform to elevate its digital presence, focusing on comprehensive event management, member interactions, and a dynamic marketplace. The site should offer functionalities for event creation, ticket sales, attendance tracking, member subscriptions, agreement management, timeline sharing, picture sharing, chatting, and marketplace advertising.


Site Structures and Features:

  • Settings customization, including email and site edits.
  • Waiver management.
  • Custom analytics for insightful data.
  • Marketplace oversight for ad approval and creation.
  • Event administration for creation, approval, and editing.
  • Content flagging to monitor site integrity.
  • Membership management, including member creation, editing, and status changes.
  • Account management to oversee ticket sales and account payments.
  • Waiver signing for events.
  • Marketplace interaction for ad creation.
  • Event participation, ticket purchasing, or registration for free events.
  • Content flagging for user-generated content.
  • Membership registration and profile editing.

Integration with External Services:

  • Google Analytics for comprehensive site statistics.
  • WordPress CRM for efficient customer relationship management.
  • Stripe and PayPal APIs for secure payment processing.
  • MailChimp API for seamless email marketing.
  • WordPress API for smooth integration with the WordPress platform.

Languages Used:

The development incorporates a mix of PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, REST, and JSON to ensure a dynamic and responsive user interface.

Current Status:

The project is actively undergoing maintenance and updates to ensure optimal functionality. Continuous improvements aim to enhance user experience and introduce new features, aligning the platform with the evolving needs of Sister on the Fly's community.

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