Elevating Real Estate Excellence with Branel Real Estate Company's Dynamic WordPress Site

Client: Branel Real Estate Company, LLC
Website: Branel Real Estate


Branel Real Estate Company, LLC, envisioned a robust WordPress site to showcase their properties, services, and updates. Key requirements included the display of property listings, detailed property information, and a dedicated section for news and blog posts to enhance SEO.


Site Structures and Features:

  • About: Providing insights into the company's background and values.
  • Services: Highlighting the diverse range of real estate services offered.
  • Properties: Showcasing a curated display of available properties with detailed information.
  • News & Events: Featuring a blog section for SEO optimization and updates on company news and events.
  • Contact: A user-friendly contact page for inquiries.

Integration with External Services:

  • Google Analytics: Comprehensive site statistics for informed decision-making.
  • WordPress CRM: Efficient customer relationship management to enhance client interactions.
  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO: Tailoring content presentation for optimal user engagement.
  • Custom Post Types UI: Structuring content types for a seamless display of properties.
  • Defender Pro: Ensuring website security through advanced protection measures.
  • Gravity Forms: Facilitating easy and customizable form creation.
  • Hummingbird Pro: Optimizing website performance for a smooth user experience.
  • Oxygen Builder: Empowering the client with a flexible and dynamic site-building tool.
  • Smush Pro: Image optimization for faster loading times.

Languages Used:

The website is crafted using PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and MySQL to ensure a visually appealing and functionally efficient interface.

Current Status:

The project is actively maintained with ongoing updates and hosting to ensure the website's optimal performance. Continuous efforts are made to adapt the site to emerging trends and technologies, reflecting Branel Real Estate Company's commitment to providing an exceptional online experience for visitors.

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